Have you tried American style sandwiches yet?

Have you tried American style sandwiches yet?

“The American style Banh Mi is now at NOWZONE FASHION MALL”

Subway is the world’s largest chain of fine sandwiches, with over 44,600 restaurants worldwide, about 150 restaurants in Singapore, 200 restaurants in Malaysia, and growing in Vietnam. After every day expecting the 6th store of Subway was present at Level 4 TTTM NOWZONE


Bread has become an indispensable part of street food in Vietnam, Subway brings a culinary culture suitable for modern life but still ensure the freshness and good for health. Coming to Subway, customers can choose ingredients on their own sandwiches to make their own culinary offerings.


What is more interesting when the family and friends spend the weekend fun and experience this unique bread, selfie photography … with cool and fun space at Floor 4 Food TTTM NOWZONE.

Let’s start the day with energy and energy with Subway!

Black Bean – Face skin – only at NOWZONE

Black Bean – Face skin – only at NOWZONE

“ Mỹ phẩm tuyệt vời nhất được chiết  xuất từ những thực phẩm tuyệt vời nhất “

With careful and rigorous research procedures to choose the best food sources for your skin, Skinfood today offers a new selection in Beauty Mask Sheet Mask Sheet Skinfood Beauty In A Mask. Sheet, Black Bean_ Mask to firm skin, prevent aging with ingredients extracted from black beans rich in anthocyanin.

  • Tea Tree Bubble Foam: Deep cleansing foam that softens and soothes the skin with a thick, smooth texture. The tea extract is highly effective in the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of the skin.
  • Tea Tree Cleansing Foam: removes sebum and impurities from the skin with a thick foam texture. With ingredients extracted from tea leaves to soothe the skin is hurt and bring a fresh feeling.
  • Tea Tree Spt Oil: An essential oil for acne-prone skin. It contains 15% natural extracts of tea leaves and acne-prone skin.